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Junior-Grade Hacking

Junior-Grade Hacking

I was walking through a shopping mall with my 10-year-old recently and there was a display with a laptop connected to the latest world-changing gizmo. He wanted to poke at it but the laptop had logged out because nobody had touched it recently.

"Dad, can you ask them to put in the password so I can try it?" he asked.

I glanced at it, measured the distance to the nearest sales guy and whispered "stand over there for a sec." I logged in and strolled away with infinite nonchalance.

He followed me around for the rest of the day begging to hear how I knew what the password was. I confess it was a lucky guess, it was the same as the username, which was already on-screen so I just retyped it. But I didn't confess that to the kid. "When you're responsible enough I will teach you proper hacking," I told him.

It feels good to have some superpowers still.