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Thundering Presses - Subsonic Speed

Thundering Presses - Subsonic Speed

In October I was privileged to tour one of the most advanced printing plants in the country. Forklift drivers dance an intricate pallet ballet and the cement slab floor quivers with the thunder of the presses running today at subsonic speeds because, hey, this one doesn't hit the post office until 3:00. The delicate bouquet of ink is mixed from jealously secret formulae for the most muscular red, the most lustrous yellow and that most surreptitious something-or-other, universally denied, that gives the cover photo that amazing backspin. Monstrous fans revolve languidly, diffusing the aroma throughout.

It's amazing what can be done at industrial scales. And it's nice to be back in Madison Connecticut, where we do things more sensibly.