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Our customers often tell us what a great job we did, so we've asked their permission to share with you. We'll share a few "Hot off the Press" examples every week or so. That way, you'll see the wide variety of printing services we provide for residents and businesses in the Connecticut Shoreline.

Personalized Correspondence Card

Correspondence Excellence

This heavyweight ecru card will serve Merrillyn well for several reasons. The classic raised open face type has a tactile element that embellishes while being clear and easy to read. The elongated card's shape allows flexibility for a line or two of quick greeting, or for longer expressions for business correspondence.

Pleased with the job we did for her, Merrillyn gave us this compliment. "One of the best things you do is, first and foremost, your service. It is excellent, right when you walk through the door. Everyone is always friendly and not 'pushy.' There are so many wonderful choices that you give great care to the persons making their order."

Thanks Merrillyn - and now a word about the good things she does. As a member of the First Congregational Church of Guilford, she spends time every year away from Connecticut volunteering in school construction and other projects in Haiti and also in mission projects with the Hopi in the American southwest.

Your Own Art - Your Own Note Card

personalized art cards

"Schooling Fish" 18 x 20 oil

Customers who bring us their own art love the note cards we make for them. Each card is custom-designed to best display the work of art.

"Schooling Fish" makes such a beautiful glossy note card that we asked the artist if she would let us share it with you. Nancy Schwartz has been painting "all my life!" and as are most artists, she is fussy about reproduction of her work. We printed this on a 12-point gloss cover stock and provided matching envelopes.

"Thanks for doing such a fine job of reproducing my work - must say it has been a pleasure to have worked with you." - Nancy E. Schwartz, Madison